CBD Cream Usage: Detailed Guide [2020]

As per the latest trends or industrial breakouts, CBD purchase and applications is skyrocketing. Am sure in one way or another you’ve heard of this product? If not, there is no need for an alarm. Below you are provided with all the details that will give you full insight into this product.

Based on CBD products, their developments have grown over 500% as per the last three years statistics. CBD compound is naturally occurring in cannabis Sativa plants. The application of this compound is endless, and some of them include pain relief, stress relief, sleep, inflammation, ADHD, and anxiety.

Is CBD cream the future of topical treatments?

As Cannabis Sativa finds loopholes into the industry of health and beauty, CBD creams and CBD lotions are emerging as the next big thing and the future of topical treatments. It has become trendy for being non-intoxicating and the fact that it’s non-ingestible. Moreover, the benefits that arise from using this product are overwhelming. Many countries and consumers around the globe now understand the benefits and the needs of CBD.

Progressing legalization in many countries around the globe, the same venture applies in the United States. The 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S.A. legalized products derived from hemp CBD placing them on a federal level. The CBD products are now under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) federal jurisdiction.

Since medical marijuana is inaccessible legally in majority of the states, CBD cream has come in handy as a legal and better alternative for therapeutic relief. Consumers looking for effective topical products may wonder what CBD cream is and its role. Below are the details that cut across from definition of this product, application and how to select the best CBD topical cream.

What is CBD cream?

To get a better understanding of what CBD cream is, let’s first define what CBD is. CBD also is known as cannabidiol, which is among the many compounds of the cannabis plant — collectively known as cannabinoids. The most crucial bit of CBD is the fact that it is non-psychoactive. Non-Psychoactive means it cannot alter the state of mind.

CBD cream defined as cream/lotion that is created with CBD concentrate form. The compound CBD is obtained through an extraction process by the use of CO2. Among the methods of extraction, the CO2 process is among the cleanest and purest in CBD extraction.

Through the use of this extraction process, all the solvent is removed with no residue left behind. This is through because solutions can cause harm to the skin. Evolving the CBD extract into cream, there are various essential oils used. Some of them include, coconut oil, olive oil, and also sheer butter and cocoa butter are part of the mix to transform it into cream or lotion.

Can CBD cream make you high?

This is a popular question among Google searches about CBD creams. Many people believe that it makes you high. But this is a misconception which is not valid. CBD cream is meant to be topical (applied on the skin layer). It does not become part of the bloodstream in any way.

Even though CBD extracts from cannabidiol, a compound of the cannabis plant, it is non-psychoactive. This means it cannot alter your state of mind. Moreover, it is extracted from the hemp plant, which is another version of cannabis with high CBD content and low THC content. THC is a compound with psychoactive properties capable of making a person high.

Can CBD cream appear on a blood drug test?

For being topical, CBD creams have a favorable result on the blood drug test. And it’s for this reason that they are simplified compared to their counterparts CBD oil which is taken sublingually. They have no direct contact with the bloodstream. Thus they are useful with no side effects.

Is CBD cream legal?

CBD is extracted from the compounds of cannas Sativa plant. This plant is famous but illegal in many countries. But one thing you should be aware of, it’s not all cannabis Sativa plants that are illegal. There are certain aspects of the plant that makes it legal or lawful.

Commercial CBD creams are legal. This is because they are extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant with minimal THC level. Plants with 0.3% and less concentration of THC are in the category of hemp, which is legal. Therefore, any level above 0.3% is illegal to trade with federally.

How do you use CBD cream?

Whichever the brand of topical CBD cream you opt for, they all contain unique mode of usage. But below is the general guideline that applies best in all the types of brands. These steps ensure the proper application of the product to ensure effectiveness.

  • Apply the topical when your skin is clean and completely dry

When you adhere to this, you ensure complete absorption of the product by your skin. By all means, avoid engaging in activities that will wear off the CBD after application. This includes activities that will result in sweating or rubbing off against the surface where you have applied the product.

Among the activities, direct contact with water is not advisable. Such movements which are not advisable include workouts, swimming, showering, or washing.

  • Locate the area which needs treatment

This seems like the most straightforward step, but it’s not. It needs more attention and careful examination of your body before applying the product. For instance, you may feel headache, but the real problem is not the head. You can’t merely massage your scalp with the cream. The problem may be your lower neck, back, or legs. Thus finding the source of pain is crucial before applying the product.

If you are still not sure after a thorough examination of your body, consider the following trigger points in your body. They include Neck, shoulder, Elbows, feet soles, knees, Temples, and Wrist. Any joint or muscle will get a response to the effectiveness of this cream.

  • Prepare the application area

During the day, you may come into contact with dirt and bacteria. Therefore, cleaning the place of application is imperative. Moreover, through cleaning, you will get rid of any skincare product you might have applied earlier. After cleaning ensure you dry the surface thoroughly for maximum absorption of the cream into the skin.

  • Apply the cream through a massage

Scoop the right amount of the cream on your hand, and then apply vigorously on the affected surface of the body. The heat created during the vigorous application promotes faster absorption of the product into your skin. However, ensure the user is not painful, but in a way that provides maximum absorption of CBD into your skin.

  • Clean up your hands

After you are through with CBD cream application, clean your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap. The effect of the cream will begin within a few minutes. Cleaning hands is vital as some of the ingredients within the product may be harmful when you rub your eyes or eat a snack using unclean hands.

What is the benefit of CBD in the Body?

  • Relieves Chronic Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain, then CBD lotion is the best option for quick relief of the pain. The best thing about this product is the fact that you get a top to apply directly on the spot hurting. Unlike the pain medication that provides general pain relief, CBD cream acts directly on the ailing part of the body. You only need to apply directly to the place, and the pain becomes history.

  • Economical

Unlike edible counterparts, CBD cream is more effective and requires less dosage. When you rely on ingestible CBD, you will need more dosage for the product to work effectively. This is because it’s being distributed around the body by blood circulation, thus diluting its power. It thus becomes less effective and more expensive.

  • Maintaining a healthy skin

Maintaining healthy skin can be quite expensive since you will require sunscreen protection during the day. And the night you will need anti-aging creams. Keeping the two lotions is very expensive, and this where you need CBD cream.

CBD cream has properties for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, making it the best option for your skin. It is less expensive and more useful as you only rely on one product. The cream is excellent for moisturizing and clogs the pores just a little bit. Moreover, the CBD lotion works excellent on eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

Therefore, it’s never late to begin making your skin youthful as early as now. Get CBD cream or CBD lotion, and you will be grateful later.

  • Muscle recovery

After a good workout, muscle tears are usually inevitable. This includes sore muscles and fatigue. CBD lotion is a great choice to boost the rate of muscle recovery after workouts. Moreover, you gain an added advantage of quality sleep that is crucial for protein synthesis stimulation.

Additionally, after intense workouts, the muscles may swell and become stiff. In this case application of CBD cream will relieve the inflammation. Through a gentle massage, while applying the cream on the affected area, the muscle stiffness will end.

  • Fighting Arthritis

CBD compound is prevalent for anti-inflammatory properties. And the best way to directly handle the ailing joint is through CBD lotion. It delivers the healing sensation more intensely and fast than through ingestion. The cream has similar and better potential power as PBZ (phenylbutazone). The better part of it is the absence of adverse side effects.

As per the study report in 2016, the application of CBD topically was found to be effective in relieving the inflammation linked to arthritis.

  • Runner’s knee

This may seem like a health problem for runners only, but it’s not the case. It broadly refers to general knee pain from overusing in a short period of time. Runner’s knee can either be a Patellofemoral syndrome or Iliotibial band syndrome. They refer to pain on the kneecap front part and strain on the knee side, respectively.

For runners who experience any of the above pains, incorporating CBD lotion as part of the recovery regime will relieve the pain. Its commended that application of the cream should be made at the point where there is knee pain.

How to select the best CBD topical cream?

  • Quality

CBD topical creams are beneficial when it comes to relieving pain and treating other related conditions. But to experience the full potential of this product, quality is a vital factor to consider. Despite the availability of various brands of CBD, not all of them are equal when you think quality. It’s, therefore, imperative to conduct thorough research to get the best CBD topical cream.

  • Certificate of analysis

To guarantee the quality of the products, viewing the details alone on the list of description is not enough. Check for analysis certificate coming from a third party. A third party certificate assures that the product content is analyzed for quality.

  • FDA certification

Another way to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the product. FDA certification assures both the quality of the product and the process that is used in processing it. Additionally, ensuring the product is from a brand with CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.

  • Essential details to check on the product description

Finally, there are certain factors in the product description that you must check before finally purchasing the product. These things include:

  • CO2 extraction– to be sure of CBD purity, ensure it had undergone CO2 removal. This process ensures no residues of the solvents remain in the final product.
  • CBD derived from hemp– this guarantees deficient levels of THC. As mentioned earlier, the THC compound has psychoactive properties which are absent in CBD. Low levels or absence of this product ensures your state of mind isn’t’ altered.
  • Free of THC
  • Lab-tested
  • Non-addictive
  • Non-GMO


CBD cream/lotion is a great option when you need to avoid consumable treatment. With this treatment, you are free from awful tastes and stomach disturbances. Unlike the edible counterparts, CBD cream/lotion has no direct entry into your bloodstream. Instead, the topical product interacts directly with your skin endocannabinoid receptors that are throughout your body system.

These products are active with a role in binding to CBD receptors from your body. The cream with endocannabinoid receptors produces a dynamic and forceful response that treats the cause of discomfort. Thus choose the right CBD cream/lotion with good qualities to experience the elixir.

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